Biodanza is a fusion of dance, movement, music and emotion. It is about falling in love with life and awakening our potential to live life fully. This means deepening our love for ourselves, our connections to others and to nature. It is a dance based system, designed by the scientist, writer and poet Rolando Toro. Because it is dance, it is all about having fun, reconnecting us to our child time enthusiasm and open mindedness. It will improve our vitality, self confidence, joy for life and ability to live in the moment. In Biodanza there are no steps to learn, you body will do it's own dance.

To really feel what Biodanza can do for you it has to be experienced. We would love you to come and dance with us!

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One of the easiest ways to connect to our inner joy and happiness is to dance.
Being in conection with our own rhythm and melody lifts our energy, relaxes our bodies and boosts
our immune system. In this weeks Vivencia we will travel together to find that inner joy and peace.
We invite you to come and dance with us.

We invite you to dance this evening and feel where your body wants you to go, what your body tells you about it's longings, which possibilities your body wants you to explore in this world.

All classes are taught in English. You can take part if you can understand English.
Classes every Thursday. Please arrive 7.30 PM for a 7.45 start
We finish dancing around 9.30 PM and invite you for a cup of tea afterwards.